Technology Integration for teachers

Skitch for Evernote

Skitch is one of my favorite additions to Evernote. Skitch is a free application for the iPad and Apple computers. You can think of Skitch as a white board for the iPad or Apple Computer. If we’re talking about iPad integration, then Skitch makes an excellent addition to Evernote for both students and teachers.

A teacher can connect Skitch to a projector and use a stylus to write, draw and illustrate most concepts. If a teacher has a television with an Apple TV connected, then he or she can use Skitch’s option to connect to the Apple TV wirelessly with AirPlay. This frees the teacher from the front of the classroom.

Skitch can take photos with the iPad camera. Students and teachers can use these photos as part of an illustration in a presentation. Skitch can load images from the library and they can be used as part of a presentation or instruction. For example, a teacher can download an illustration of the human heart. With this illustration and Skitch, a teacher can discuss and highlight elements in the illustration. The teacher can draw student’s attention to areas of the illustration and ask probing questions. Beyond photos and illustrations, a teacher can take a photo of some text and use it in a lesson for reading, vocabulary development, writing, and a variety of other reading skills.

Since a teacher can draw with Skitch, it can be used to teach math concepts like fractions or geometry. It can be used to illustrate scientific concepts in a variety of disciplines. Skitch can draw some basic shapes like arrows, rectangles and circles.

Skitch comes with a built-in web browser. A teacher can visit a web site with images, animations, or video, and use the tools to highlight facts, ideas and concepts. When Skitch is on a web page it freezes a section of a page that is visible. The teacher or student can then use the tools to present or demonstrate anything that is relevant.

Skitch has a built-in map application. The map application is similar to Google maps. It can be used in geography or social studies class to teach facts. These are just some ideas. I’m sure you can come up with others.

Okay, Skitch is great, but where does Evernote fit in. Skitch has a dedicated button that can take any illustration made with Skitch and save it into an Evernote document. If you’ve read my blog on what Evernote can do, then you are aware what Skitch can add to your classroom.


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