Technology Integration for teachers

Technology Integration with Evernote: Workflow

A Workflow for collaboration:
As you can see it can start to get a little complicated. This is where developing a workflow really helps. Let’s take a look at a typical example. Let’s also take a look at a syncing concern.
Let’s address the syncing concern first. If you were to create a homework assignment in a shared notebook, it would be visible to students as you were creating and editing. Here is a solution. A note can be easily transferred to any notebook. If I were to create an assignment in an assignment development notebook that is not shared, it can be transferred to the homework notebook very easily. The option to transfer notes from one notebook to another is right below the note title. Click the pull down menu and select a notebook.
Here is an example. What I would do, is create a homework development notebook. In this notebook I develop any homework assignment. This notebook is not shared in any way. When I am ready to distribute the homework through the shared homework notebook, I’d transfer the note from my development notebook to the shared notebook.
When the student receives the homework assignment he or she can begin to work on the assignment. The student can work on the assignment using a development notebook and then transfer the finished product to a shared notebook. Just the same way you develop your assignments for distribution later. Noting that students can be forgetful, it would be better if they worked on their assignment directly in the shared notebook. This would be the notebook each student has shared with you. This has the added benefit of helping you monitor their progress as they work on the assignment. Don’t use this as an excuse to stay behind your desk. Mobile devices allow you to move around the classroom. Use these devices to monitor both your classroom and their digital content.
There are situations where you might have an assignment with several questions for students to answer and submit. In this case, students can copy and paste your assignment into their notebook. All they need to do is answer each question. When done, they can move their answers to a shared notebook.
A typical workflow for assignments and assessments.
Let’s look at a concrete classroom example. As a self-contained teacher I would have a stack of notebooks for each subject. Each stack would be similar with a few exceptions. I would have daily and homework assignment notebooks. I would have quiz, test and exam notebooks. I might also have vocabulary, journal and lab notebooks. All of these notebooks would be shared with each student in my classroom. In addition to all these notebooks I would have a development notebook. This notebook would not be shared. I would use this notebook to store all my pending assignments, homework, assessments and other materials. In addition I would have one more shared notebook for parents. This would be the homework assignment notebook that students see. In this way, parents know what homework assignments are provided each day and they don’t need an Evernote account. With all my notebooks in place I am ready to distribute any content I feel necessary.
Each student would also create several notebooks. Their notebooks would mirror my own with some modifications. As a teacher my notebooks would have view only rights. Students need to give me modify rights. Student notebooks also need to abide by a naming convention. Naming conventions are very important when collaborating. Naming conventions assure you can find and identify documents shared with you or anyone else. As a teacher you will also need to abide by naming conventions. I talk about those conventions later. In the mean time, this is my naming convention. Each notebook is named according to this convention. The student’s last name is first in the notebook name, followed by the student’s first name, subject and finally by the notebook contents. So if I were a student my math assignment notebook would be named like this (Reyes, Alex, Math, Assignment). Notice the commas. Using this convention I can easily keep track of all my student notebooks because they can be sorted alphabetically. Evernote helps to further organize these notebooks by grouping them according to owner. Students can have one or more development notebooks.

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