Technology Integration for teachers

Show Me for iPad

Show me iconShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is a free application for iPad. The first time you launch ShowMe, an explore page is loaded where you can view videos created by others using ShowMe. Videos are categorized into all the major content areas. Explore some of these videos to see what can be done with the free application. When you’re ready to begin, tap the create button at the bottom.

ShowMe offers the basic whiteboard tools. At the top you have a set of basic colors along with an eraser to erase parts of your annotations or drawings. An eraser is also available to clear all your drawings or to clear the entire art board. You have an undo button, but not a redo button. ShowMe has a tool to insert an image from your iPad library, to take one with the camera or to search the web for an image. Careful with the search feature while doing a live classroom lesson. This could prove embarrassing if your district does not have strong filters. Even with a district that has strong filters, images often get in to unwanted places. I always recommend having the images ready in your iPad library.

To record your instruction, tap the record button. Tap the pause button if needed and tap it again to resume your recording. Tap the done button to save your instruction. You will be prompted for a title. Tap save and the video will be played back for you. If you are happy with the video tap the cloud icon at the bottom next to the player controls. A dialogue box will appear so you can post your video onto the ShowMe site. This site is free. You can make your video private and only those with the link you provide will be able to view the video. Share it with friends that also have a ShowMe account. Finally, you can share your video with the world of ShowMe users. You’ll need to create your free ShowMe account. Tap the login button to start the process. If you choose not to save your video with ShowMe or to share, it will be saved on your iPad. You can decide to share the video with others at a later time.

ShowMe is a good basic tool for students to create instructional videos. Show me provides a good tool for students to demonstrate comprehension. Take it further and have your students use this tool to demonstrate the application of what they have learned.

This application is not as full featured as Educreations. It does; however, provide other video lesson options.


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