Technology Integration for teachers

Educreations for iPad

educreations iconEducreations is a free Interactive Whiteboard for iPad. Educreations is easy to use. When it starts you are immediately presented with a white art board. Use your finger, or a stylus to draw and write anything you please. At the top you will find a palette of four colors. This palette can be customized to house the four colors you find the most useful in your daily use. Tap on a color and you have ten other color options for each color well in the palette. Undo and redo your annotations as needed. Clear the art board and start over. Clear your ink, or annotations. At this point anything you have written on the art board is considered an ink annotation. Connect to a projector with a video adapter or wireless through an Apple TV to display your lesson or presentation.

A feature that makes this application shine is the ability to import images onto an art board. Once an image or images are on the art board you can annotate over those images. Bring in images from your iPad library or take a picture using the camera. Once you bring in an image it can be rotated, duplicated, re-sized and locked. Locking an image is important so that it isn’t accidentally moved during an annotation. Bring in more than one image onto an art board. Each image is placed above the previous image. Annotations are always placed above any image, even if it is brought in after the annotation.

At the bottom on the left and right are arrows. These arrows help navigate the different art boards. To add an art board simply tap the right arrow. The right arrow will not be visible until you annotate on the current art board. This is a great way to develop a lesson with all the necessary elements.

Your art boards are not saved like a slide show. An art board is the place setting for a video that will be recorded and saved. In the upper right is a record button. This record option begins to record anything you annotate on an art board and any transition from one art board to another. It will not record the placing of an image onto an art board. It pauses while you add an image. It’s smart this way. When done, tap the save button. The ability to save the lesson or start the lesson over is great. I often make mistakes and find the need to start over. This gives you that opportunity. Be careful, start over erases all the art boards and images on those art boards. Recording a lesson while teaching is a great way to archive that information for students to review later. Educreations records your voice while you create the lesson. Make sure the microphone is pointing in the direction of your voice.

If you choose to save the lesson you will be prompted to enter a title and description. This is where many just write something non-descriptive and move on. Please fight this urge. Enter a descriptive title and a good description of your lesson. It definitely pays off in the end. After you enter a title and description you are prompted to decide if this video will be public, or private along with the subject areas the video covers. Public or private? Educreations provides a free online service where you can store video lessons. You will be prompted to create a free account at the end of the save process. If you have an existing account then enter your information as needed.

This online service is more than just a place to save videos. It represents an online video community. Create a free account and customize a campus for students to access and view any video lesson you publish. The private option will save video onto your campus where only your students can view the lesson. To create and customize this online classroom log onto the Educreations website. The site is very easy to use. Once you have created your online classroom send the link to your students so they can enroll and view lessons. Once students are enrolled they too can publish.

Students can view any video lesson right on the iPad. In the main section on the iPad is a featured button. It is found at the bottom. This is a link to videos created and made public by teachers all over. This can save you from having to recreate the wheel. Direct your students to existing video lessons. For students, and parents; this is a great resource for homework help. An iPad is not required. A desktop can also be used to view the videos. Just head on over to the Educreations web site and log in.

This is the best part. Let your students loose on a path of discovery. Allow them to create videos for presentation in this online environment. Integrate this tool within daily lessons for students to discover, learn and participate in the learning process. Educreations is a good tool for students to create instructional videos. Educreations provides a great tool for students to demonstrate comprehension. Take it further and have your students use this tool to demonstrate the application of what they have learned.


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