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Technology Integration: How and When

One of the underlying factors with technology in education is its integration within the curriculum. Technology should not be an after thought. It should not be difficult to integrate. It should allow for a variety of learning styles and levels of difficulty. It should mold itself to a variety of teaching styles. It must fit the needs of differentiation. It should be a responsive element with intervention strategies. Administrators should support a variety of technologies and integration levels. Teachers need to be open to a variety of learning tools that focus on student learning styles and needs.

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Show Me for iPad

Show me iconShowMe¬†Interactive Whiteboard is a free application for iPad. The first time you launch ShowMe, an explore page is loaded where you can view videos created by others using ShowMe. Videos are categorized into all the major content areas. Explore some of these videos to see what can be done with the free application. When you’re ready to begin, tap the create button at the bottom.

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Educreations for iPad

educreations iconEducreations is a free Interactive Whiteboard for iPad. Educreations is easy to use. When it starts you are immediately presented with a white art board. Use your finger, or a stylus to draw and write anything you please. At the top you will find a palette of four colors. This palette can be customized to house the four colors you find the most useful in your daily use. Tap on a color and you have ten other color options for each color well in the palette. Undo and redo your annotations as needed. Clear the art board and start over. Clear your ink, or annotations. At this point anything you have written on the art board is considered an ink annotation. Connect to a projector with a video adapter or wireless through an Apple TV to display your lesson or presentation.

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Mental Case Classroom Edition

This application has an interesting name to say the least. It provides a great tool for students and teachers. It brings the old index flash cards to the iPad in an easy to use application. This application has a wide range of uses in all content areas.

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