Technology Integration for teachers

iMotion for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

This week I’m looking at an application that has a variety of uses in all content areas. This application can be used for time-lapse photography and it can also be used for stop motion animation.

Time laps photography can be a very useful tool in more than one content area. There are so many things that go on around us. We often miss out on those events or moments. Time lapse photography is used by professionals all over to study the world around us. Enter iMotion HD. This application is a photography application that can be configured to take pictures at specific time intervals. These images are automatically compiled into a video.

The controls are very easy to use. There are four basic controls. The first control has a slider to adjust the interval at which pictures are automatically taken. The next control puts you in control by switching to manual mode. You can tap and take pictures when you decide. Tapping on the iPad can cause some unwanted motion even if you do secure the iPad. This is why iMotion has a free remote app. Use another iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote control. In this way you can manually take images from a remote location. This can be useful when you want to photograph moments or items that can be influenced by your presence, like a bird’s nest. You do need to have a wireless connection for the remote to work. The fourth option controls the microphone sensitivity. Yes, your stop motion can have audio. This is a very good tool for observations and experiments.
Some things to consider when using iMotion. Change your iPad sleep to never. IMotion will stop when your iPad goes to sleep. Make sure your iPad is fully charged. If you can, make sure it is connected to a power source for longer stop motion sequences. Find a way to secure the iPad so it doesn’t move. Make sure, if possible, that there is enough light to illuminate your scene. Poor lighting makes your images grainy. Use a separate timer to remind you when your time-lapse is done.
All your videos are automatically saved in iMotion. The free version will let you upload to iMotion services. The paid version will give you the option to export the video to the iPad photo library or to other services, like You Tube.

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